With Autumn Comes Cooler Weather and the Need to Moisturize Your Skin

Did you know one of the essential parts of effective moisturizing begins with exfoliation?

By removing excess and dead skin cells first, your skin can absorb and retain moisture. So don’t skip this essential step, especially during the changing season. 

Eminence Exfoliating Peels allow your skin to repair while locking moisture in.

We are pleased to provide our clients with Eminence Exfoliating Peels, an incredibly relaxing and effective way to not only exfoliate and brighten your face, but also to allow your skin to repair and keep that moisture in.

This leads to continual skin repair and health so your face can shine even brighter in the colder months. Beat the change in temperatures and schedule an hour or thirty minute Eminence Exfoliating Peel today.

You can take home the remaining Eminence products used after the facial, so your facial beauty treatment regimen can continue at home!