Featured Local Product: FruitVibe Juice

Coming Soon! Fruitvibe Juice Co, a Cleveland based cold-pressed juice company will be collaborating with us to create a wellness experience that promotes beauty and wellness from the inside and out.

We will be integrating Fruitvibe's raw and organic juices into the studio pairing the juices with different therapies like massages and facials.

Our Fall inspired seasonal ingredients are Pumpkin and Yam. We juice fresh Organic pie pumpkins and Organic Jewel Yams, which are both extremely high in Beta-Carotene (Pro-Vitamin A). This nourishing and rejuvenating Pumpkin-Yam base is paired with Honeycrisp apples, carrot, orange, ginger, cinnamon and sea buckthorn.

These juices will be designed to compliment the treatment you are receiving and they will promote circulation, detoxification, and hydration to all your cells.