Heal Body & Mind with Our Infrared Sauna

I always had the idea that a sauna was just a place where old men hung out in towels and talked about who knows what.  Then Raw Esthetics decided to put an infrared sauna in the studio and offer it as a service for which people rapidly started booking appointments.  I got to thinking, there might be something to this; so I began reading articles on the benefits of using an infrared sauna and realized why everyone was so eager to get their sauna time. 

The use of saunas dates back to Finland over 2,000 years ago.  Early saunas were simply pits dug into the side of a hill or embankment where hot stones were splashed with water to create steam.  Technology has come a long way since then, and we now have a variety of sauna types and styles to choose from.  Here at Raw Esthetics, we have an infrared sauna which allows all of the benefits of a traditional sauna but at a lower temperature and with less energy expenditure.  Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas are heated with infrared waves that safely penetrate deep into the joints and muscle tissue.  Because the infrared wavelength is so close to the wavelength naturally emitted by the body, the energy is well received and provides maximum benefits to the user.

Sitting in a hot sauna causes you to sweat as your body attempts to regulate its temperature and cool you down.  Sweating is one of your bodies most natural and effective ways to detoxify itself which improves overall health and boosts your immunity.  According to mindbodygreen.com, infrared saunas like the one here at Raw Esthetics allow you to eliminate about seven times as many toxins from your body as a traditional sauna.  Your skin also benefits from sweating, as you might recall from the last article, “Healthy Body, Healthy Skin”.  As the sweat leaves your pores, it carries with it all of the dirt and oil that can lead to breakouts as well as the gunk from pollution that results in the visible signs of aging. 

When your body is subject to high temperatures, your heart rate is increased as your body tries to lower its core temperature.  If you will recall from biology class in high school, your heart is that thing in your chest that pumps your blood through your veins.  Putting your heart to work therefore can increase circulation and with continued use, improve the overall health of your circulatory system.  This increase in heart rate can even aid in weight loss.  Just as your heart beats faster during a rigorous work out, the energy put forth by your body as it tries to regulate its temperature burns calories.  In fact, The Journal of the American Medical Association published an article stating that just thirty minutes the sauna can burn about 600 calories.  Now naturally, it can’t replace a healthy diet and exercise, but it certainly is a wonderful addition to achieving your weight loss goals.

The high temperature also provides relaxation as it loosens tight or overworked muscles, which can relieve pain caused by inflammation.  Saunas are used just as much for the mental relaxation as they are for the physical relaxation that they provide.  Studies have shown that regular use of sauna therapy increases mental function, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps to alleviate depression.  Many cultures around the world even use saunas spiritually or for religious practice such as meditation rituals.

Now hold on to your hats folks, the benefits don’t stop there; our infrared sauna also utilizes the healing power of chromatherapy, also known as color-light therapy.  Color-light therapy has been used to treat both physical and emotional issues within the body since ancient times.  Many traditional cultures have utilized the wavelengths of the color spectrum to restore balance to the affected individual, and each color has its own unique properties that aid in healing.  Not only has color light therapy been used for medical benefits, such as pain management and aiding with mental function, it is also being increasingly used for such cosmetic benefits as anti-aging.  Inside the sauna you will find some information about the healing properties of each color in the spectrum so you can make an informed decision about your color of choice.  However, I might also recommend simply trying out each color and seeing how it makes you feel, the body tends to know what it needs so whichever color you gravitate towards is the one you should use.  The infrared sauna can be programmed using the remote to change to any colored light you desire or feel you are in need of.  

The use of an infrared sauna like the one offered here at Raw Esthetics is incredibly beneficial for optimal wellness of body, mind, and spirit.  We offer single sessions at 30 minutes or 45 minutes, and have packages available for purchase to save you money if you are serious about your health and wellness.   If you haven’t experienced our sauna for yourself, call (216)941-7360 to book an appointment or simply book online.