Stay Germ-Free this Cold and Flu Season

stay healthy organically essential oil

With cold and flu season in full swing it seems like we are just awaiting our inevitable fate of spending a week sick in bed and feeling miserable.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, and you don’t even have to use any chemical-laden disinfectants to do it; just use Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Defense!

For hygienic hands on the go, use the Hand Spray, a pure organic essential oil blend with witch hazel to keep hands clean and fresh.

Ever wonder what that wonderful aroma is when you walk into Raw Esthetics? You guessed it, it’s the Organic Defense Aromatherapy Blend and not only does it smell amazing, but it helps keep the studio germ-free!

Use their cleansing Aromatherapy Blend in a diffuser to cleanse and protect against germs in the air in your own home as well.

Both of these Remedies from Neal’s Yard will help to defend you against the cold and flu this year, and they will do it all organically!

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