How to Make Your Halloween a Little More Green


Halloween is all about having fun and even being a little overindulgent, but here are some ways to make your October 31 healthier for your body and for the environment.

  • Costumes: Opt for homemade costumes instead of buying one from a Halloween superstore. Many of the costumes sold at these pop-up stores are made of synthetic fibers and toxic dyes that are detrimental to the environment, plus making one out of things you already have is a fun way to express your creativity!

  • Candy: We all know that passing out Halloween candy really means sneaking some for yourself. That’s why instead of nibbling on store bought candies that are packed with processed sugars, we suggest making your own healthy treats to snack on during Trick-or-Treat.

  • Decorations: Spooky decorations are a must, especially if you plan on hosting a Halloween party. While it’s easy to throw some of that cob web looking stuff over your bushes to add a spooky touch, that may not be the best option for the environment. Try decorating with pumpkins, seasonal gourds, and flint corn instead. Not only do these add a Fall look to your home, they can also be used after Halloween and through Thanksgiving. Even better, once they begin to get mushy, they can be composted!

Have a safe, happy, and green Halloween!