How Sugar Ages Your Skin

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In our last article we discussed how sugars, like refined sugars and simple carbohydrates, can cause problems for our skin. Now we will discuss exactly how it happens and what you can do to prevent damage.

According to Eminence, “Sugar bonds with proteins in your body in a process called glycation. These sugar-bonded proteins produce free radicals which destroy your collagen and elastin, the building blocks that keep your skin strong and supple. They also harden collagen and elastin, and prevent the body from making more. All these effects mean your skin loses its elasticity, lines and wrinkles start to set in, and signs of aging become more visible.”

These effects appear in very specific ways on the face so if any of these sound familiar, it’s likely that sugar is the culprit.

  • The surface of your skin looks hard and shiny.

  • Deep, crosshatch lines appear along your upper lip.

  • Discoloration and hyperpigmentation mark the skin.

  • Deep crevices appear, especially around the laugh line area.

  • Skin around the jowl area is sagging.

If you notice any of these, it’s not too late to start treating it.

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First and foremost, reduce your sugar intake, particularly foods containing high fructose corn syrup, and supplement your diet with Vitamins B1 and B6 which inhibit the damage caused by sugar-bonded proteins.

Additionally, eating food and using products that are high in antioxidants like vitamin C will reduce free radical damage to the skin and body.

The Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil is infused with Vitamin C that smooths lines and wrinkles and combats the visible signs of aging. The ingredients in this light oil work to prevent and reduce further signs and symptoms of aging and with regular use, your complexion will appear firm, plump and hydrated.

It is a definite must-have to target the signs of aging caused by sugar and reveal your most youthful looking and beautiful complexion!

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