Organic Skin Care at its Finest

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Looking and feeling healthy encompasses how we treat our bodies and what we put on our skin.

The difference in using all natural skin care products is incomparable to those with chemicals, pesticides and artificial fragrances. We are proud to use products from Eminence, an organic handmade skincare line from Hungary.

Many skin care lines boast being all natural, or feature some organic ingredients. We have selected Eminence for our studio as 95% of all ingredients are completely organic, and no chemicals are added. Using only natural ingredients as preservatives and avoiding chemical fragrances, we selected Eminence for our studio to give the greatest benefits to our clients.

Taking organic a step further, Eminence uses only biodynamic agricultural practices. Farmed and manufactured organically, all products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. Ingredients are handpicked, and all chemical fertilizers and pesticides are avoided, ensuring our clients receive only the highest quality in skin care treatment.

These organic products were created with experts including doctors, researchers, farmers and estheticians to create the most natural products, giving you ultimate nutrition for your skin.

This completes our holistic approach, providing our clients with the purest products during their treatments.