The Effects of Blue Light on the Skin and What You Can Do to Combat it

blue light skin protection

Technology offers the advantage of having information at our fingertips and gives us the ability to communicate with people all around the world, but it should come as no surprise that it also has its pitfalls.

One primary disadvantage rarely considered is its effects on our skin. The screens of our phones, computers, televisions, and even the light bulbs in our homes and workplaces emit damaging blue light.

That’s right, as you’re reading this, blue light is penetrating your skin! But don’t slam your computer shut or throw your phone across the room because Eminence has the solution!

First of all, let’s talk about blue light, what is it and why do we need to protect ourselves from it?

Simply put, blue light is light on the blue end of the visible light spectrum that has a short wavelength and higher energy output, which unfortunately means that it can cause greater damage.

Alas, in this day and age it is virtually impossible to avoid it as it is integrated into many of our daily lives. According to Eminence, people are typically exposed to blue light for around six hours a day and with such a long, daily duration of exposure, there is a higher potential for damage.

We first heard about the dangers of blue light when scientists revealed its positive correlation with poor sleep. Many of us end the day by scrolling through our phones as we lay in bed, waiting for sleep.

The blue light emitted from our phones as we mindlessly stare at them at night suppresses melatonin production which affects the body’s sleep/wake cycle.

With a disrupted sleep schedule, many people don’t get enough sleep which not only effects our health and immunity, but also our skin. While we sleep, our cells are hard at work, repairing the damage of the day, so without a full night of rest our cells cannot do their jobs at full capacity and that includes skin cells.

However, that is not the only negative side effect that this research uncovered. Blue light exposure is also a potential threat to our eye health and sight. The human eye cannot filter blue light which causes damage to the retina and can lead to conditions like macular degeneration. Luckily, many manufacturers of eye glasses are now adding blue light filters to the lens to protect the eye, which is great for our eyes, but what about our skin?!

Evidence suggests that exposure to blue light stimulates the production of free radicals in the skin, increasing the visible signs of aging including wrinkles, reduced elasticity, and hyperpigmentation.

Free radicals harm the skin by damaging the DNA resulting in weakened collagen and elastin which, when compromised, causes the skin to become uneven, forming lines and wrinkles. Free radical damage also appears in the form of hyperpigmentation, leading to more signs of aging skin such as dark spots.

Simply put, the skin reacts to blue light exposure with a protective, inflammatory response which gives the appearance of redness and swelling. This response also leads to other symptoms such as hyperpigmentation and an accelerated breakdown of collagen and elastin, causing lines and wrinkles to appear.

Alarming as all this may be, you can prevent blue light damage with Eminence’s new Lilikoi Light Defense Primer! This illuminating primer is packed with incredible, organic ingredients to keep your skin healthy; specifically, cocoa seed extract, which is one of natures best defenses against damage caused by blue light.

Antioxidant rich cocoa seed extract shields the skin from harmful blue light by blocking the skin’s blue light receptor cells, causing a decrease in cell activity which lowers free radical damage and boosts the skin’s production of collagen and elastin.

Not only does the Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer help counteract the negative effects of blue light damage, but with an SPF of 23, it also protects skin from sun damage, and with subtle illuminating properties, the primer leaves the skin looking healthy and radiant with a natural finish.